Neanderthal Romeo

I'm Romeo.

It's actually true. I played Romeo in our middle school play. The Big Kiss was faked, but still almost gave me a heart attack.

Also, I bought my wife two cards for Valentine's Day - last week!

I like getting two cards. You start with the funny one. If she doesn't like it, then you say, "No? Here, try this one instead." Then you hand over the serious one. Bases covered!

But don't worry, guys. I won't make you look bad. I'll forget all about the cards and then wake up on Valentine's Day and run out to my trunk in a panic to grab them out of the Walgreen's bag and scrawl on them real quick. In the meantime, my wife will have taken the day off work and made elaborate plans and I'll look like a neanderthal. Happens every year.

What parts were you in school plays?