Hi, I'm Al

In my grandmother's eyes, I'm Al Gore.

She's never understood technology, and never wanted to.

When I was in high school I told her about a web page I was designing for a statewide competition. She wasn't interested, and I asked why.

"I don't want to know how a light bulb works, I just want to flip the switch and have it work", my grandmother said to me.

I showed her my web page anyway.

"You made that?"


"Huh." Then she hollered at my grandpa. "RAY! Come see the Internet that Ricky made!"

Flash forward a few years, and now she has her own computer. It's a non-portable laptop, or lapdesktop for short.

We were visiting a few weeks ago, and she asked me to look at the lapdesktop to see if I could fix it. She refused to elaborate, thinking she had explained the problem quite thoroughly.

The only thing she uses on the lapdesktop is her email. I clicked around on her email, and sure enough, everything worked fine. I asked her to show me what was wrong.

"There's no room."

"No room? For what? What do you mean?"

"For new emails. The screen is full."

Further explanations proved fruitless, so I ended up deleting everything in her inbox.

So go ahead, send her an email - she's got room now.

What are you the resident expert on in your family?