The Investigators

We were on the lookout.  There was a job to be done, and we were setting out to do it.  We had to go undercover, you see, because there were criminals on the loose.  A gang of the ‘bad ones’ had busted loose and had yet to be recaptured.  What was unfortunate for those on the lam was the fact the local paper had printed mug shots of each on the front page and now we were on the case.  We were bounty hunters, so to speak, minus the bounty.  Our community needed us and we were happy to oblige.  We were both armed to the teeth and had clever disguises designed to make us look innocent enough.
There was no discussion about what needed doing.  Each knew what the other thought and agreed, so we hit the streets at an early hour.  As we rode through the dry summer heat of the desert, our spirits waned from the initial excitement and eagerness of the hunt.  Sightings were few and far between.  There were fruitlessly searched miles behind us, and an inexhaustible supply of fresh ones ahead. 
Our pace slowed to a crawl.  Our throats were parched and our muscles cramped.  Without warning, one of our tires blew.  Our failure seemed secured.  That’s when we saw your place, ma’am.  At first, we were certain it was a mirage.  The heat waves distorted our view.  You were no mirage, though, ma’am. 
You were a Godsend.  As we pushed our crippled ride into your driveway, you met us halfway with iced lemonade.  With sweat dripping off our youthful faces, we drank your refreshments and sat on your weeds.  We filled you in on the days’ events.  And now here we are, ma’am.  We appreciate your kindness and hospitality, ma’am.  What was that?  Why, yes, I can fix the flat on my bicycle.  I’ve been doing it since I was six, ma’am.  Pardon me, ma’am?  Yes, I’ll be seven this fall.  My friend here is seven and he lives next door to me and he has a pet turtle and a big brother. Are we far from home, ma’am?  Why, no, we’re not.  See down the street where that red house is with the swing hanging from the tree?  That’s my place, ma’am.  It’s where my mother lives, too.  Yes, ma’am, I’ll tell my mother where we were and that you said hello.
Well, I guess we’ll be on our way, now, ma’am.  Thank you very much for the lemonade.  I think the bad guys got a lucky break today.  What’s that, ma’am?  You say the bad guys turned themselves in this afternoon?  Those scoundrels must have known we were on their trail, huh?  Well, you know what they say, ma’am - the truth always comes out in the end.

Were you a child superhero too?