Shaken, Not Stirred

Some users are lucky you can't reach through the phone and shake them.

This is also a sign my phone is defective and will no longer be answered.

User: Would you please remote into my computer and fix this issue?

Me: That's not really an issue; it's working like it should.

User: But I don't like it doing that.

Me: I understand how that can be frustrating. Would you like me to remote in and show you another way to accomplish what you're trying to do?

User: That'd be great!

Me: Ok, I'm in. So if you look at this option over here -

*User grabs control back and opens their email*

Me: Um, if you look at this -

*User grabs the mouse and fires up Pandora*

Me: If you don't mind, I can just show you -

*User starts talking to a coworker*

*I simply change a setting that will let the user do what they want to, without waiting for the user to learn it since they obviously don't care*

Me: You're all set. You just need to reboot for the change to take effect.

User: Do you mean log off and back on?

Me: No, I meant reboot.

User: What, like now?

Me: Yes, please.

User: Ok, I'll call you back.

*10 minutes later*

User: Ok, I'm back. I just logged off and back on, though. I didn't reboot. Is that ok?

*Blink, blink*

Me: No, please reboot your computer and have a great day.


What drives you crazy?