Changeup, Chapter 17

"GO, JOE!"

She sat on the uncomfortable bleachers, which were rickety and hardened with time. Though she was swimming in it, Joe's tiny mom wore the team's t-shirt. "Sunrise Little League All-Stars" was printed in large red letters on the front. She hadn't complained the only size left was an extra large. She'd just smiled with pride.

Normally, Joe's mom was shy; quiet and reserved.

Not today.

Though she'd sat at hundreds of games, today was different. Her son had made the all-star team.

Joe could hear her over the crowd after every play he made; every swing he took.

When he stole second, she was on her feet.

And when he dove into home, safe by a hair, he was pretty sure she lost her voice.

His team lost that day, but Joe found it hard to hang his head as he gazed towards the bleachers.

There stood his 5'2" mother, beaming and tall on her 7 foot step stool of pride.