Thanks - A Father's Day Letter to a Father From a Father, Part II

I recently posted a letter my dad wrote to my grandpa. Here's the one I wrote for him.


Thank you.

Thank you for the legacy you’ve built for our family.

You've shown us how to love our wives. Unconditionally, respectfully, tenaciously.

You're generous. You never charged a church or a desperate person unable to pay. They received the same effort from you as those that could.

You've shown us the value of hard work. You worked into your nineties.

You fostered a love of reading in me. You and Grandmother introduced me to Louis L'Amour, Jack Higgins and Pat McManus. I've now read them for over twenty years.

You're loyal. The Aggies have no better fans than you and Grandmother.

You're content. You enjoy your life without needing the latest and fanciest things.

You’re patient. I don’t recall you ever losing your temper or snapping at us grandchildren, no matter what shenanigans we were getting into.

You’re supportive. I remember you coming to my baseball games and watching my magic tricks...over and over again.

You’re funny. I love your sense of humor, and am glad that I inherited it.

You demonstrate your faith through actions, not just words. Day in and day out, in everything you do.

Thank you.

Tell me about your grandpa.